Chapter 1:

Why Should I Read This Book?

This book teaches a rational and pragmatic spirituality, meaning that its methods lead directly to the goal of happiness, and can be readily comprehended by any reasonable person. It is therefore especially suitable for those who reject the irrational beliefs, secrecy, esotericism, authoritarianism and reactionism of most spiritual traditions, but have always wondered what it’s all about, why spiritual people seem to be happier, and if it’s possible to achieve this happiness without having to leave reason at the door.

If you practice as described in this book, you will progressively find yourself to be less tense, negative, agitated, anxious, frustrated, annoyed, drowsy, fatigued, discontent, lonely, suspicious, driven, miserable, and suffering, and instead be more relaxed, positive, calm, confident, patient, interested, alert, energetic, content, belonging, open, free, happy, and at ease. In the presence of other beings, you will find that you are less selfish, hostile, cruel, greedy, and envious, and instead more altruistic, kind, compassionate, generous, and able to share in the joy of others. You will see for yourself how suffering (inner resistance, stress, discontentment) arises in the mind, and learn how to reduce this suffering and ultimately put an end to it. In doing so, you will discover a new perspective on your existence that leads to ease, peace and happiness that are independent of your personal circumstances.

These promises may be setting off all your bullshit detectors at once. That is as it should be. If you are willing to invest a bit more reading time, the next chapter explains how and why exactly all of this is going to work.